Peachy Smoothie Bowl

Hey Wildflowers,

Peach season is here!!!

When it comes to fruit, I have to say I don’t really consume a lot of it as I try to watch my sugar intake, even when it is from a natural source. However choosing fruit as a treat over anything processed with added sugar is the way to go and summer is the time of year that I crave ice cream, which I do indulge in from time to time but it is also nice to have a treat you can feel good about!!

Now peaches are the one fruit that I have a weakness for. I love peaches! As a kid I used to sit and eat a whole basket of peaches in one day! Now I’m not recommending you do that at all…but I do suggest grabbing some while they are in season! So the other day I grabbed a basket of local peaches from Niagara and immediately thought of making a peach smoothie bowl, I mean what could be better on a hot summer day? Of course I had a try a couple just to make sure they tasted okay ;)

After a couple attempts to get the right consistency, I created this yummy smoothie bowl which is packed with nutrients and makes a great afternoon treat! Side note, peaches are also high in antioxidants and are a great source of vitamin A and C! Wahoo! Combine that with fibre and healthy fat and you have something that not only tastes good but is nourishing at the same time! Another bonus, after eating this I kicked my ice cream craving to the curb!

So go ahead, get peachy and try this bowl for yourself! Recipe below!

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